A Little Excitement To Loosen The Rust

12 Jan 2015 - At least 8 police cars (not sure jurisdictions), one Denver fire truck and an ambulance responded to a lockdown situation at Smiley Middle School Monday, Jan. 12, 2015, precipitated by an incident at Venture Prep, according to a message from the Denver Public School system's automated messenger.  (copyrighted photo by Mark T. Osler. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Contact at (303) 549-6873 or mark@MarkOslerPhotography.com) My daughter's school went into lockdown today after a weapon was apparently found in the high school that shares the middle school building. I drove by to see how serious it was. Not much going on when I arrived. Not sure if it was more active before I arrived. I was just getting ready to pull out to pick up my son at his school when I got pinned in by an ambulance and fire truck...uggghh! So, figured since I was stuck there, I might as well do something useful. This is certainly not much of a news photo...largely because it wasn't much of a news event. Still, it's the first even semi-news photo I've taken in...geez, a while (to be specific) :–)

In the photo are the first two non-official people to leave the building after the lockdown was lifted, along with a Denver police officer in the foreground. Thought I'd share because...well, just because!