A Few Words From The Best Ever

nachtwey Whether or not you are a photojournalist, if you've not yet seen this video, take 3:28 to hear from perhaps the greatest war and conflict photographer ever - James Nachtwey.

Like his images, Nachtwey's Lifetime Achievement Award (from ASME) acceptance speech is concise, powerful and important.

If you've got an extra minute, once you've watched, reflect on what he has to share. If you have longer, there are other links on the page worth exploring.

A LOOK BACK ON THE CAREER OF JAMES NACHTWEY: http://ti.me/1Dq4SQE LIFE AFTER WAR - PHOTOS FROM WALTER REED HOSPITAL: http://time.com/3595931/life-after-war-james-nachtweys-photographs-from-walter-reed/ THE ROHINGYA, BURMA'S FORGOTTEN MUSLIMS: http://lightbox.time.com/2014/07/10/rohingya-burmas-forgotten-muslims/#1

A Little Excitement To Loosen The Rust

12 Jan 2015 - At least 8 police cars (not sure jurisdictions), one Denver fire truck and an ambulance responded to a lockdown situation at Smiley Middle School Monday, Jan. 12, 2015, precipitated by an incident at Venture Prep, according to a message from the Denver Public School system's automated messenger.  (copyrighted photo by Mark T. Osler. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Contact at (303) 549-6873 or mark@MarkOslerPhotography.com) My daughter's school went into lockdown today after a weapon was apparently found in the high school that shares the middle school building. I drove by to see how serious it was. Not much going on when I arrived. Not sure if it was more active before I arrived. I was just getting ready to pull out to pick up my son at his school when I got pinned in by an ambulance and fire truck...uggghh! So, figured since I was stuck there, I might as well do something useful. This is certainly not much of a news photo...largely because it wasn't much of a news event. Still, it's the first even semi-news photo I've taken in...geez, a while (to be specific) :–)

In the photo are the first two non-official people to leave the building after the lockdown was lifted, along with a Denver police officer in the foreground. Thought I'd share because...well, just because!

For what ails ya...

Ice melting. Denver, Colorado. Jan. 9, 2015. © Mark T. Osler. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Last Friday, we woke up here in Denver to a thin sheet of ice on everything. I didn't get the picture of me wiping out on the stairs as I came out of my house -- THAT would have been a picture! I did, though, get this fun little shot. Not quite as effective as aspirin for my poor aching body...but it was some consolation! Happy New Year all!