That's What Praying Is For


Towards the end of a workshop about composition I was teaching at Union Station last weekend, we got to talking about news photography and storytelling. I’d be rambling on for a couple of minutes when my girlfriend's voice popped into my head, “Give them examples, dummy!” (Ok…in her defense, I added the “dummy” part). So I stopped and asked, “What would you photograph if you were asked for a picture to go with a story about the hot weather we’re having?” Kids playing in the fountains was the unanimous choice. With our subject decided, we were reviewing how to make compelling compositions of the scene when the question arose, “But what if the kids aren’t playing where the best composition is?” My obvious response, “That’s what praying is for.”

For what ails ya...

Ice melting. Denver, Colorado. Jan. 9, 2015. © Mark T. Osler. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Last Friday, we woke up here in Denver to a thin sheet of ice on everything. I didn't get the picture of me wiping out on the stairs as I came out of my house -- THAT would have been a picture! I did, though, get this fun little shot. Not quite as effective as aspirin for my poor aching body...but it was some consolation! Happy New Year all!