CONCERT - George Thorogood & The Destroyers

So, I'm waiting for the concert to start and a woman asks me, "How come your not at the big show tonight?" (The Smashing Pumpkins were playing across town at a larger venue.)

Here's the deal. I love music and I love live shows. It's really the biggest reason I shoot concerts. It's certainly not for the money since most of the time I'm shooting for the Denver Post's Reverb music blog, which pays...hmmmm, what is that number again...oh, yes...NOTHING! To be fair, I have had the opportunity to photograph some of my music heroes, so it's not as if the gig is without it's rewards.

The one downside is that the photographers generally get to photograph the first 2-3 songs only and then have to leave the venue. A major drag. So, when faced with that reality covering the Smashing Pumpkins and the chance to stay for the whole Thorogood show at the Fillmore...well, easy choice for me.

Big, bad George put on a great concert and was joined by guitarist Elvin Bishop and saxophonist Eddie Shaw during the show, which elevated an already great performance. I was limited to photographing the first two songs, so I have no photographs of Bishop & Shaw...but, I did get to enjoy two hours of killer rock 'n' roll!

Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed making them. Oh, and if you ever have a chance to go see George & his Destroyers, GO. It's a great way to spend a Saturday night...or any night, for that matter!