Engagement Session | Debora + Mario | Rome, Italy

DM-Roma-17July2013-COLLAGE Had a few GREAT travel jobs this summer. One huge highlight was a wedding I was commissioned to do in Italy.

I had the great fortune to meet Debora & Mario while I was on a travel assignment a couple of years ago. We met at a birthday party in Viterbo and they liked the work I did of their town & surrounding area. So, when they got engaged, they asked if I'd photograph their wedding. Lucky me!

I spent just over a week in Italy doing some travel photography and scouting locations for the work I did with Debora & Mario. A few days before the wedding the three of us went in to Rome for a couples photo session. You'll see from the photos that we covered a lot of ground. With the exception of Debora's sore feet (a story for another time), it was just a flat-out fantastic, fantastic day.

Italy is one of my absolute favorite places in the world - the people, the history, the language, the beauty…it's just intoxicating. It's especially engaging for a visual person because there's an appreciation of beauty-for-beauty's-sake that seems such an integral part of the culture.

I love the pictures we made and can't wait to get back. Keep on the lookout for a post coming soon with photos from Debora & Mario's wedding, held at the amazing Castello Orsini-Odescalchi in Bracciano (where Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes were married in 2011).