Engagement Session - Dylan & Sara

This was a super fun engagement portrait session with a really great couple. Here's a little background....

Earlier this year, Dylan & Sara had gone to a local studio to have traditional portraits made for their engagement pictures. The pictures were fine, but pretty much what you'd expect. I could tell they were less than enthusiastic, and that's not how anyone should feel about their portraits...especially engagement portraits.

For our engagement session, they gave me free rein (my favorite kind of photo session). I selected some locations for the personal significance they held to Dylan & Sara and others because I just knew they'd make great pictures. They really trusted me and it paid off in terrific pictures - they're relaxed, natural and happy, as if they did this all the time.

That's such an important key to my portrait work. I'm always looking for interesting ways to compose my images, but what makes my portraits "work" is feeling that you're seeing the real side of whomever I'm photographing. That spark of authenticity is the the most important reason I choose to work on location.

There is a sense of genuine personal connection that we all feel towards the photographs that are most important to us. It's that personal connection that is the reason those images remain important to us over time. Of course, not every photograph needs to stand the test of time. But, if that is something that you're hoping for from your portrait session pictures, you may want to consider a session that's not bounded by four walls and a ceiling! Not only will you wind up with pictures you'll love, but on-location photo sessions are just more interesting...and way more fun.