Family Portrait Session with Friends

There's always a little extra pressure when I photograph friends. It's not that I work any differently for friends. It's just that there's that little voice in the back of my head whispering, "Dude...these are friends...don't screw up." Those of you who have ever worked for friends will know what I mean.

Once the session was underway, though, I fell into my normal shooting habits and it was all about getting good expressions, executing interesting ideas, working strong compositions and make it more fun than work.

I suppose the pressure in photographing friends comes from knowing more about them. You know more about their personalities and the subleties of their mannerisms and looks. That just naturally puts the bar a little bit higher. I remember looking at pictures that were perfectly good and thinking, "No, not quite right."

In the end, the session went great for the same reason any portrait session goes well, and that's because they were fully engaged with what we were there to accomplish. Looking at these images here, I feel good about how things turned out and am going to hope my friends are as happy with the final results as I am...and, if not, I'm hoping they'll keep it to themselves!