First-time Model - Portfolio Session

Sorry for dropping off the face of the planet for a while. I recently signed on with a new agency and had a ton of work to do getting that launched. (yawn, right?)

Anyhoo...I have some fun photos to show you from a model portfolio I shot last month. The model is the daughter of a friend and this was her first time working as a model. Maybe I'm biased, but I think she did an exceptional job. If you've never modeled, or participated in an extended photo session, it's hard to appreciate how difficult it is to make posing look easy and effortless. To start the session, I shared some tips and tried to ease any anxiety by creating a "safe" environment for us to work in. I've always found it important, when working with a model, that I let them know we are a team. I want to be able to create a "bubble" for use to work in, where we shut out whatever other distractions there may be (and there were plenty) so we can focus on the creative process. It can be a real challenge for aspiring models, especially first-timers.

My primary goal in this shoot was to give Brennah a portfolio of images with some range. It's hard to know what spirit and/or look might catch the attention of a modeling agency. So, the more variety the model can provide, the better their chances of piquing an agency's interest.

I'm enjoying portrait work more and more these days. It's a great outlet for exploring creative boundaries that my photojournalism and advocacy work really doesn't have much call for. I wouldn't give up either for the other and am grateful to have enough client interest to keep me active in both.

On a technical note, for those of you who are interested, most of this work was done in Adobe Lightroom, with just a little Photoshop work. Hope you enjoy it!