Gotta Stay Sharp!

Sitting at my desk, mulling over ideas for this blog post, Joe Jackson's "Look Sharp" came across on Pandora (great site for music lovers) aaannnnddd.........Bingo! Thanks for the inspiration, Joe. I'm a big music fan and lucky enough to have a job that's allowed me to photograph some of my all-time favorite bands (check out the People/Events section of my photojournalism website - Photography has also given me the chance to help out some friends who find time in their busy lives to continue pursuing their passion to play music. Here are some photos made during a practice session of the Denver-based band HOT ROBOTS.

The guys in Hot Robots don't perform every weekend, but they DO get together and practice every Wednesday night to stay sharp. In much the same way, I make it a point to shoot some kind of pictures every 1-2 days - whether it's for a client, my family or just practice. It's how I stay sharp. Photographing the HOT ROBOTS is great practice for my photojournalism and story-telling skills.

If you're a photographer, pro or otherwise, pursuing a personal project to work on over time is a terrific way to develop your skills.