Tink, Muses & Me

I'm not a huge pleasure reader, but I have read everything by author Richard Bach, who wrote Jonathan Livingston Seagull. In his book "One," Bach features a character named Tink - an idea fairy - who is responsible for instilling into people's consciousness the inspiration for grand ideas. Much as I wish I were a naturally creative person, I'm really not. By nature, I am decidedly left-brained and analytical. So, having become successful in a field that depends daily on a healthy dose of creativity may seem just this side of miraculous. I certainly feels that way. Perhaps I somehow found my way into Tink's good graces or have been shepherded by any number of muses. If I've learned anything in my creative life, it's not to question the source of my creativity, but to be grateful for it...and I am VERY grateful! Embarking on a blog is a project into which I put all my great powers of procrastination. It is a big commitment of time to author a blog. Just look at some of the many great blogs out there. Lots of finger-tapping on keyboards just to put those ideas into words. Plus, who knows how much time coming up with the ideas to begin with.

Much as I'd love to work my way into the blog stratosphere, my ambitions are far more modest. What I'm hoping for is to begin a dialogue with you - a lover of photography and visual story-telling. I attribute the greatest portion of my success as a photography to the generosity of so many other terrific photographers and artists who have shared the lessons of their successes...and failures. In tribute to them, I am offering my thoughts and lessons to you in hopes you can improve your success: failure ratio.

This blog will be something of a stream of consciousness endeavor covering but always striving to be educational, inspriational and always (at least a little) fun!