'Tis the Season - HS Senior Session | Brooke | Golden & Denver

Brooke-Collage Kicked off the post-summer-break high school senior photography session with Brooke and couldn't have gotten luckier. She was open to everything, kept on top of her outfit changes, and really worked with me to make the session everything it could be.

We started in Golden and made it thru some brief rain showers to start the session. The next stop I'd planned to make was Red Rocks, but that idea got a cold reception because so many people go there for senior pictures. So, I reluctantly agreed to pass on Red Rocks, and we headed off to downtown Denver.

As we drove out of Golden, though, the clouds gave way to beautiful late-day light. HOLD THE PHONE! I called Brooke, in the car ahead of me, and asked if she'd indulge me with a brief detour to Red Rocks. Cooperative as always, she agreed and we spent about 20 minutes in a couple of locations and then got back on the road to Denver (with a few awesome photos to show for our brief detour).

Our wires got crossed in Denver and my end-of-session plan had to be abandoned and replaced with a few "Hmmmm…let's try….THIS" ideas. All that matters, in the end, is we ended up with a great selection of pictures Brooke (and I) love.

Oh, and I need to thank Brooke's mom and grandma for coming along and making life easier all the way around! Thanks!

This is a great time of year. Light is great, colors are great, weather is great. If you need senior pictures, family pictures or any other kind of picture -- and want to do them outside -- this is the time to go and git 'er done.