DENVER WEDDING - Karen & Mark (mini-preview)

I photographed Karen & Mark’s wedding this past weekend. Terrific couple. Great fun.

Thought I'd share the few photos I'm sending to the couple before they leave on their honeymoon (have a great time, you two!). Tons more to plow thru. Lots of time. Lots of work. But, their album is going to look AWESOME!!

Even though I only take on a handful of weddings each year, I love and look forward to those opportunities. Weddings are high-stakes events for a photographer. You have to be - and stay - sharp all the time. They make me a better photographer…no question about it.

I don’t mind sharing that I get…not nervous…but, really anxious before a wedding. What if nothing good happens? What if just a few good things happen and I miss them? What if I completely forget how to do what I’ve been doing for the last 25 years?!

Ok…maybe a little psychotic, but it’s stressful. Or, at least it should be. I don’t know how a photographer could care about their craft, care about the couple they’re photographing, and NOT get a little freaked out before it all starts. There’s a lot riding on our success…or failure…as wedding photographers.

And...if you’ll indulge a little tech talk…thank god for the state of photo technology these days. Without a doubt, of all the weddings I’ve photographed, the lighting in this reception venue was the worst I’ve ever experienced. I’ll spare you the discussion about how I could have (or should have) set up lights — because (1) it’s boring, and (2) do you really care? (……I didn’t think so.) But, I do want to…let me re-phrase that…have to…thank the the super-brains out there who’ve figured out how to make a thimble-full of light feel like an ocean of light (or at least a pretty big lake!). It’s nothing short of amazing how well digital cameras these days perform in low light…truly amazing. So, thank you thank you, Big Brains!

I was going to get into a philosophical discussion about hands-on vs. hands-off wedding photography here, but am going to leave that for another post. It’s an interesting topic and one that needs to be discussed more among wedding photographers, and considered more by couples getting married. There are very real benefits to be successfully argued on both sides. Most photographers have already made there minds up about which side of that fence they stand on. Couples, though, need a more thoughtful discussion on this topic because there are very real differences --- and there's only get one chance to make the right (or wrong) choice.

For now, though, hope you enjoy this little taste of this recent wedding. Thanks, Karen & Mark, for trusting me with your big day. More soon………!