Lindsay - Family & Children Session - Denver

This past spring I donated three mini-photo sessions to an auction to support The Children's Center - a day care facility in our neighborhood. This session with Lindsay was one of them and,, what a great session! Lindsay was about as adorable as a little girl can be and her parents couldn't have been more helpful.

The big variables in photographing younger kids are their energy level and how comfortable they are being photographed. Lil' Lindsay was off the charts on both counts. That's really important in a 90-minute mini-session because it means that good pictures start coming almost immediately. An hour and a half may sound like a long time for a photo session, but it usually goes by in a blink.

I have two young kids myself and they are my two most favorite subjects in the world. Of course it's not necessary to have kids in order to photograph them, but I find it does give me a leg up. Patience comes more easily and I'm able to identify more closely with what a parent wants from the on-location photo sessions I offer.

Perhaps I'm just imagining these advantages, but they sure felt real during my time with Lindsay and her folks. What I do know is the photos are terrific, so that's gotta mean something!