Metamorphosis anyone?

Just as I regularly make time to sharpen my photography skills, I'm always looking for ways to expand my creative abilities with Photoshop. The transformation shown in the video accompanying this post was more about attention to detail than the employment of any "super-secret" techniques. And, to give credit where credit is due, let me send a big thanks to the folks at NAPP for their ongoing inspiration and dedication to Photoshop education. The idea for this transformation came from them.

Since this was just practice, I wasn't concerned with getting the perfect image to begin with. I really only needed a straight-on look with lips closed and perhaps a bit of a smile or smirk. The rest I figured I could handle with Photoshop.

As with most of my practice sessions, I learned more than what I initially set out to accomplish. In this case, I also picked up some great ideas for enhancing drama. Funny how that always seems to happen, eh?

Anyhoo...hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend and hope you enjoy this little process video.