*New Service* - Animal & Pet Photography

Pets and animals will be a new wrinkle in our workload in 2011. These lovely animals belong to a couple of friends of mine, but only one owner was on hand for this shoot.

I'm pleased with the results from this session but, WOW, it took some work getting two very playful dogs to sit still long enough for me to compose and shoot. I think of myself as a pretty fast-working photographer but the conditions of this shoot meant I had to rely on a tripod for a lot of the shots. Inevitably, just when we'd get everything lined up beautifully, and the tripod locked in place, the puppies would decide it was play time!

One big challenge in working with animals is posing. You learn to appreciate the advantage of being able to ask your subject to do something and actually have them do it! Working with animals requires much more movement on the part of the photographer to capture good angles and body positions. Still, it's funny the things that remain the same when switching gears from people to animals. Dogs, especially, tend to have very expressive faces. So, in addition to managing light and composition, it remains important to coax and catch moments that reveal the animal's personality.

All in all, it was a really fun session and has me looking forward to expanding our studio's horizons to include this new offering. Just one of several ideas I'm hoping to get off the proverbial back burner in 2011. Stay tuned!