Print 'em, Danno!

It seems every week I read about someone who's lost important pictures they had "backed up" on a CD, DVD, flash drive or external hard drive. That makes me really nervous, considering all the important pictures I keep track of as a professional photographer...and that includes my all-important personal pictures of my family. You know, the ones people run into burning buildings to save. I take great pains to back up my work and back up the back ups. It's time consuming, but it gives me peace of mind...or should I say gave me peace of mind.

This morning I was in a discussion about this topic with a colleague and good friend, whose opinion I respect. We were talking about the lengths to which we each went in backing up our work. I told him I backing up to external hard drives primarily, but had concerns about how secure that was, in the long term. He listen then replied, "It's not a matter of IF they'll crash, but WHEN they'll crash."

Uggh! I don't know what I'd do if I lost the years of family photos I have stored on various digital media. In any event, I asked, "What do you do? How do you protect your work?"

"Put them in a cloud (web-based storage) or make prints," he said.

It is a point well-taken. The most archival and secure way to preserve pictures, even in this age of high technology, is still to make prints (or books or albums) of the pictures you care about.

Well, whaddaya know 'bout that?!