Senior Pictures - Ben - East HS - Denver

Ben is an actor and singer. So, performing for the camera was really not much of a chore. The funny thing with Ben was in how he took direction. I'm constantly asking my portrait subjects to make small subtle moves with their head, hands and body. Ben doesn't do subtle moves. It's 6 inches or nothing! Our first half hour sounded like this: "Ben, move your head just a little to the left...ok, bring it back a bit to the right...hmmm, let's go back to the left just a tiny back to the right a tiny, tiny, tiny bit...THAT'S IT...STOP RIGHT THERE...DON'T MOVE!" Of course, once he got the hang of it, he was a natural.

Because Ben was so easy to work with, we got an amazing amount accomplished in our time together. The fast pace really helped me push the envelope a little, to give Ben what he asked for at our initial meeting - something different...with a little edge to it. Music to my ears!

I'm always pushing for creative ways to photograph my senior sessions, but edgy requires taking chances and moving beyond my creative comfort zone. Not every picture works when I'm out there on a new limb, but the ones that do look fantastic! It does take us a little extra time to tread down the edgy path, but the outcome is always worth it. My client gets a set of cool, unique images they'll be excited about forever and I get to expand my creative boundaries.

A true win-win...and great fun along the way. Thanks, Ben!