Senior Pictures - Evan - East HS - Denver

On-location senior pictures photo session in Denver, Colorado Sunday, Oct. 2, 2011. Photos © Mark T. Osler. ALL RIGHTS RESEVED. Evan is into skateboarding...really into it. In fact, our session had to be delayed a couple of weeks because he twisted his ankle working on his boarding skills. So, not surprisingly, we used the skateboard theme in a number of our pictures. In the mix of successful pictures, one really stood out. It was a shot we made on 18th St. in downtown Denver, with the city's financial center in the background. We photographed this session on a Sunday, so traffic wasn't as insane as it can be during the week. This allowed me to lay down in the street and for Evan to skateboard smack down the middle of the thoroughfare. Maybe not an approach I'd recommend as a standard practice, but it really worked out, in this case.

I tell all my portrait subjects that I start out with a general plan but, once we get going, it gets a bit organic. In the case of this picture, we were checking out some alleys to shoot in when I came out on to 18th St., looked up the street, and knew this was a shot we had to make.

My portrait sessions often have an element of surprise and unpredictability to them. It's part of my creative process and I know the pictures are better as a result of this approach. It may be a bit unorthodox but, then, what's so bad about unorthodox?