Snow Storm + Habit #2

Colorado Capitol in Denver, Colorado, Wed., Nov. 12, 2014, as seen thru a snow storm across Civic Center park. (copyrighted photo by Mark T. Osler. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.) I forgot I had this photo and wanted to share it with you. For me, this is validation for carrying my camera with me everywhere.

I had to go to the City & County Building in Denver and, as you can see, it was snowing like crazy. I wasn’t going to be there long, and didn’t want my camera to get soaked, so I nearly left my camera in the car. As I was locking up my car, I changed my mind and grabbed it.

As I came out, this is what I saw and felt, “Hey, that’s a nice scene.” So I waited for someone to walk thru it and made this picture.

Now, some of you may be thinking I could have left my camera in the car and just shot this with my iPhone. Wrong, Cellphone Breath! Well, technically, that’s right…I could have captured this same scene, but it wouldn’t have resulted in the same final image. All the fine detail in the trees and the snow speckles against the dark areas, wouldn’t have resolved as clearly. The picture would have lost the texture that’s a big part of making this photo what it is. In other words, it wouldn’t be the same picture, even though it may have been the exact same scene.

I love my iPhone, but there are limitations of cellphone photography. Know those limitations. If you believe you’re making a picture of any possible consequence or that requires certain technical qualities, weigh how you’re going to feel about those limitations if they prevent you from realizing your initial intent when you stopped and decided to make the picture in the first place.

Just another application of Habit #2 from The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People - Begin with the end in mind.