The Judds Farewell Tour

Even though I don't really follow country music, I do love a great performance. And, The Judds gave a great performance last night. Granted, I only got to see the first few songs (the downside of concert photography), but they were engaging, fun and the music was performed with heart.

For me, that's what live music is all about. I remember going to see The Outlaws way, way, way back when. I had a bunch of their albums and was really excited about the show. Some friends and I drove from Durham, NH to Portland, ME for the show and, man, what a disappointment! The music was fine, but the show (such as it was) consisted of the band standing in one place for most of the night and playing their music exactly the way it sounded on their records. What fun is that?! I may have well have stayed home and listened to their albums (anyone remember albums?).

There was a time when I thought about making music a career, but I found out quickly that, much as I enjoy playing, I don't have the burn to do it. As a photographer, I have that burn. It's this force that just compels me to photograph. I almost can't help it. I imagine that's how people feel who dedicate their lives to making music. And, there's something magnetic about watching musicians putting their passion on parade, getting up on stage and letting it all hang out. Whether you totally dig the music or not, you just have to admire that.