The Raven and The Writing Desk

Seems like I've been in the music groove recently. Lots of live music on the blog. It's great for me since I love photographing bands - local & national. But, for those of you looking for a little more variety. Stay tuned, I have some Photoshop lessons, family portrait sessions and other fun photography posts coming in the next couple of weeks.

That said, last weekend I had the pleasure of being hired to photograph a CD release party at The Walnut Room for The Raven and The Writing Desk, a relatively new Denver band. I set the band up with a pretty extensive slideshow from that evening with two of the bands songs used in the soundtrack. So, I figured why not get it up on the blog, right? If you like what you hear, drop in on their webpage and support them by picking up a copy of their new album, RECIDIVIST.

Like most smaller, local clubs in Denver, the stage lighting at The Walnut Room is ridiculously inadequate, meaning high ISO and slow shutter speed shooting conditions. So, sadly, many would-be nice photos wind up being lost to movement blurring. Still, we wound up with a decent selection of good photos from the evening. I remember coming home at 1am last Sunday, after the show, and sitting down for 2 hours to review the photos. Even though I'd been reviewing my photos all night long on camera's display, that 3-inch monitor can only tell you so much. I wanted to be sure the photos I thought I captured from the night would actually hold up under the scrutiny of a larger monitor. Thankfully, they did.

The Raven and The Writing Desk has only been together for a year, but has strong musicians and a great, original sound. Visit their website to see where they're playing next. Also at the CD release party was another band - A. Tom Collins - which is equally worth keeping an eye and ear out for around town. Very interesting sound and just flat out fun band to see live.