Time for a Business Facelift?

This post falls under the category of "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."

My brother-in-law is a very busy CFO who flies back and forth to Europe on a regular basis. He recently created a profile on LinkedIn and sent me a connection invitation. When viewed his profile on LinkedIn, all I could think is that this is not the photo of a successful CFO. So, a few days later, I dropped in to make a headshot worthy of his professional standing. I asked if I could use his webcam photo in this blog post and he very graciously has allowed me to do so.

I searched Denver area business websites in the wake of this experience with my brother-in-law and it is absolutely amazing how many small and medium-sized businesses with very-good-to-terrific websites have very-average-to-terrible photography, especially when it comes to headshots of the people running these companies. A website is a visual medium and much of the experience and impression made on visitors is based on visual stimuli. That "judging a book by its cover" reaction may be unfair, but it is reality.

I know when I'm looking at a company's website, I love to check out what products look like and browse the bios and photographs of the people with whom I'm considering doing business. So, what are visitors like me supposed to think when the product photography and employee/owner headshots were clearly taken by someone in the office with a point & shoot...or a webcam? This gets back to my original point, which is there's more to consider than expediency when placing a photo on the internet (or in your company literature) that represents you or your company.

Photographs are the face of a business and an important opportunity to make a statement about who you are as a company and the kind of experience clients/customers can expect in their dealings with you. If you run a business, take a closer look at the "face" you are showing to potential new clients. Would you be impressed by what you see? If not, maybe it's time for a facelift!

Executive headshots generally take less than an hour and are not expensive. And, when you consider the cost in terms of overall impression made, they are an absolute bargain versus the quickie, do-it-yourself alternative.

Thank you again to my brother-in-law Lou for helping me make my point in pictures.