Today's Ordinary is Tomorrow's Extraordinary

Here are my son and daughter five years ago learning about riding a bike. At the moment this photograph was made, it was just a picture of what they were doing nearly every day. Today, it is an image of my kids going through a childhood rite of passage…together. It didn't seem like much at the time, but it is a treasure to me now. This is the kind of picture I became a photographer to create - photography that, in a single moment, represent an entire period of time. The expansion of meaning from the routine to the profound is what makes photography such a powerful medium.

I have photographed some very big events on the world stage, but pictures like this one - of seeminly simple moments - are the ones that, in the end, have the most personal value. People don't run back into buring buildings or flooding homes to grab their stash of great newspaper photographs, but they do take those risks to salvage their family photos.

It's natural to see what's going on in our day-to-day lives as unremarkable…and, in that moment, it may be. But, that's not why photographs are made. They are made to remind us of the path we've traveled and appreciate the challenges and triumphs - large and small - that we've faced and enjoyed along the way.