Winter Park Epiphany

My kids are taking skiing & snowboarding lessons this month so I've been trekking up to Winter Park every Sunday. Because the days really don't allow for me to get in a full day of skiing, I've been parking myself in front of my computer in the lodge instead of burning any of my precious Four Pass days on a half day of skiing.

One of the blessings of working in the lodge is I can't get internet (yes, I did write "can't"). Somewhere I read about what a productivity killer the internet can be to the undisciplined masses (a.k.a. "my people"). Well, I'm here to tell you that's not a theory, it's a flat out FACT! I couldn't believe how much more work I was able to get done in the absence of internet access. It was such a revelation that I've started to schedule my internet time. No more checking my email every 7.3 seconds or doing "research" whenever an idea pops into my head. If you're an internet addict like me...and you know who you are...I whole-heartedly endorse putting yourself on and internet schedule. And, for those of you who do this already and are reading this thinking "duh!"...I tip my hat to you.

In the spirit of "all work and no play does make Jack (and Mark) a dull boy," I have to admit that I have snuck (sneaked?) out for a little photo fun time on my Sunday sojourns. Included here are a few of my faves from those outings.