Displaying your family pictures and photographs of the meaningful people, places and events of your life will make your home a warmer, more personal space. But, it is much more than an exercise in decorating, gathering your photographs into a professionally-designed & printed photo book, and decorating your home with photography, is a statement about what matters to you. 

Digital photography has allowed us to be the most documented generation in history. So, where are all those pictures? Yes, they’re on social media and on our phones, and that’s fun. But pictures of your life are meant to be lived with, not stored in the cloud or on your phone or computer. Especially family photographs. 

It used to be that the only way to see photographs was to get them printed. Not that that is no longer so, fewer and fewer people are printing their pictures, and that’s a shame. First, of all, it is the safest and most archival way to store you pictures. Digital files can corrupt and be lost forever. Prints are forever!

The most important reason to print family pictures, though, is because of the message it sends to everyone in your family, especially your kids. It is a wonderful, concrete way to celebrate your family and remind everyone - every day - how much you love and mean to each other. If you don’t believe it, print up some adequately-sized photographs on your walls, or have your family pictures edited into a beautiful photo book and see for yourself. You’ll be in for a very pleasant surprise.