Life For Real Photography creates stunning legacy artwork for clients who want to display photographic artwork in their homes that will shout to the rooftop how important their family is. 

Artist commissions start at $200. Wall portraits & galleries start at $275. Presentation collections in Folio boxes and art books start at $1100. Weddings start at $5,500, including professionally designed wedding book.

We can accommodate nearly any budget, but you should really be selecting your photographer based on the artwork you will receive. The fact you are searching for a professional photographer means this is important to you. Get what you want...even if it stretches you a bit.  

I believe strongly that the artwork from your family session is created with the intention of being displayed. Yes, it’s convenient to have pictures on our phones, and fun to share them online. The greatest value of these pictures, though, is in reminding you all – every day – how important you are to each other. 

Photography is how we hold on to the most important and meaningful times and people in our lives. Life is a collection of moments – big or small, they’re all gifts. And, once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. 

When you schedule your session, the first thing we will do is talk about the different options for displaying your family photographs. Our specialty is creating legacy photo books and wall collections. So, don’t be surprised when I ask you to send me pictures of walls in your home where you might consider hanging your finished artwork! 

After our initial conversation, you’ll be emailed a product menu with our pricing. We sequence things this way because prices don’t mean anything until after you know what you will be getting for what you invest. Once we talk, things will be clear, prices will be in context and you’ll be in a better position to make whatever decision is right for you. 



In-person workshops start as low as $97 and they all come with a satisfaction guarantee. If, after the first half hour, you don't believe this is going to be more than worth every penny you've invested, just let me know and you can bow out and receive a complete refund, no hard feelings. 

Online classes (being developed) will have free classes, as well as more in-depth, paid-for classes. Look for this new education platform we'll later in 2016!