THE Day Care Project

Getting new families to trust you with the care of their children is the hardest and most important thing you need to accomplish, in your efforts to attract new families.

Speaking as a former day care parent, it’s hard to evaluate a day care facility based on a short visit and interview. We got all the facts and figures, and a general idea of the facilities we visited, but what my wife and I really wanted to know was, “What will my kids day to day experience be?”

Will there be rich social and learning activities?Will they be well cared for? Will they have fun?

The Day Care Project is my attempt to help worthy day care facilities in this effort


It’s pretty simple, really. We sit down and discuss the distinguishing characteristics of your day care center. Then I create photographs to illustrate those strengths … usually in one visit.

To give you a sense of what I can accomplish for you, the photographs you’re seeing in the slideshow on this page were all created in one day at one day care center.

Parents’ permission is secured in advance and the resulting photographs are displayed as professional prints in your day care facility. You will also have the rights to use photographs on your social media outlets.

The best part is that there is NO COST OR OBLIGATION to you as the day care operator. In fact, if you’re interested in learning how this can be a revenue generator, be sure to ask me about that!

My kids were the beneficiaries of a great day care facility and this is a personal project that allows me to contribute to institutions I believe offer great value to the community. I work in a non-disruptive, non-threatening way, seeking natural photographs that very much feel as if I’m not there at all.

If you’d like to learn more about The Day Care Project, and schedule time to sit down and discuss the possibility of working together, just fill out and submit the simple form on this page.

Once I receive it, I will reach out and we can arrange a convenient time to start a dialogue.

I look forward to working together. :-))

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