What are Legacy Portraits?

There are as many ways to make portraits as there are photographers. 

Legacy Portraits is how I refer to pictures of families and individuals that go beyond appearance to capture the spirit of who I’m photographing - whether that is one person or a group. 

I believe the point of a photograph is to preserve the spirit and character of who we are, and what our lives are like at a given moment. Those are the pictures that will have meaning to us, and to those who come behind us. 

As years pass, we are going to want to reach back and connect with the important people and moments in our lives. Because the fine details of even our fondest memories obscure with time, photography is how we preserve those cherished memories in a deep, vivid and meaningful way

Being successful in my portrait work means I have created photographs for you that I have not only preserved your most precious memories, but will truly become part of your legacy to the people in your life that care about you most.