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Pulitzer prize winning photojournalist and picture editor Mark Osler. Based in Denver, Colorado, Mark works and teaches across the country and around the world.

Pulitzer prize winning photojournalist and picture editor Mark Osler. Based in Denver, Colorado, Mark works and teaches across the country and around the world.

I bought my first real camera (a Nikon FE) in 1984, and became a professional photographer in 1990 … long time ago.

I’ve been a photojournalist my entire career, 18 years of which include working at newspapers as both a photographer and picture editor. Thanks to plenty of help along the way, my career has been punctuated by success, including a Pulitzer prize in 2003 for breaking news photography, which I proudly share with my Rocky Mountain News photo department colleagues. 

In 2007, I branched out into portrait work and quickly discovered my best portraits were the ones with some element of authenticity — something more than just a flattering photograph of someone standing in front of a camera. In other words, bringing photojournalism to my portrait work.

Photojournalism is not merely “candid photography,” it is a discipline of visual and emotional storytelling that begins with connection and understanding between a photographer and his/her subject.

Where the purpose of portrait photography is to enhance and flatter, the purpose of photojournalism is to reveal essence and feeling.  Both have their place and each photographer falls somewhere along the photojournalism-portraiture spectrum. That is why my work isn’t right for some people and perfect for others.

For you, as someone searching for a photographer, the question is less about which photographer is better than another than it is about which photographer is the best FIT for you.

I hope you enjoy the photographs I’ve put together for you. Everyone is tied to a cherished memory to me and to the people for whom these photographs were made. 

If the photography I’m sharing on this website resonates with you, it would be great fun to talk, and an honor to work with you.




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Learn from Mark  

I help people enjoy life more by learning photography. Photographs are so much more than “eye candy.” The photographs we take are the result of some initial inspiration and intent. In other words, we do not choose to make photographs, we are moved to make them.

The process I teach helps you understand how to translate the feeling you have from the scene you are witnessing and turn it into a moving and powerful photograph.

In addition to my private mentoring sessions and workshops, I have also taught photography, photojournalism and photo editing (i.e., visual storytelling) at:

  • Art Institute of Colorado

  • Community College of Denver

  • The Mountain Workshops

  • Digital Photo Academy

I also regularly speak at camera clubs and to groups interested in photography and the creative process.