Professional Photography Workshops BASED in Aurora, CO | DENVER METRO AREA CLASSES | FROM Highlands Ranch to Boulder Colorado


Life For Real Professional Photography Workshops, based in Aurora, CO teaches beginner, intermediate and advanced students interested in embracing the joy photography can bring to your life … once you make a few simple distinctions about what distinguishes a great photography from a routine snapshot.

LFR teach photography classes from Castle Rock and Highlands Ranch to Boulder, and throughout the Denver Colorado metro area. 

Learning to use your camera is just the beginning of learning photography, but it is an essential first step. Life For Real photo workshops take you from camera competence to a level of creative fulfillment most camera owners don’t even know exists. 

Photography is more than a process for visually recording the world; it is a tool for experiencing the world and sharing the impact the world has on you. It is a tool for interpretation and insight. The deepest joy of photography comes when you can take instinctively move from inspiration to intent to photographs that have impact, storytelling and, most importantly, your unique individuality. 

This is how we work every day as photographers, and those are the lessons you will learn you when you invest in photography instruction from Life For Real Photography Workshops

Customized classes available for students with specific interests and ambitions - including instruction in workflow, and Photoshop and Lightroom photo editing software.



Better Pictures Anywhere Anytime I - $199 (2.5 hrs)
Learn to see photographically and create more interesting pictures. Expand how you see the world. Make more creative decisions on how to craft your photographs. This is not a technical class. It is a class about observation and understanding the visual possibilities that exist in any given environment to make beautiful pictures. You will be introduced to a wide variety of techniques for crafting great photographs. The days of looking at a scene and wondering “what do I do?” will be over!

Better Pictures Anywhere Anytime II - $199 (2.5 hrs)
This class builds on what you learned in BPAA I. We'll drill down to the foundation of photographic composition and give you the tools to compose great pictures, even when none of the "rules" of photographic composition apply. By the end of this class, you'll feel as though you've just acquired a photographic super power! But, need to learn the rules first...before you start breaking and going beyond them. ;–)

The Myth of Good & Bad Light - $199 (2.5 hrs)
Light can add drama, dimension and beauty to a photograph and the command of light is one of the distinguishing trait of a professional photographer. There are only a handful of things light that you need to know about light — understand these and any light is good light. The idea that nice pictures can only be made first and last hours of the day is ridiculous and photographers who believe that are missing 8-12 hours of fertile picture-making time. We will work with controlled light (strobes and continuous light), but natural light is the foundation of this workshop … because natural light requires the most of you as a photographer.

People Photography - The Players & The Stage - $299 (3 hrs.)
I've been a photographer of people all my professional career - nearly three decades as a photojournalist and portrait photographer. There are endless ways to make successful pictures of people and we will explore as many of them as time permits. In particular, we will talk about making portraits and doing candid people photography that capture the genuine, authentic nature of your subjects of people with soul and spirit. 

Photographic Storytelling - Multi-session program customized to the individual student - starting at $750
Whether you have professional ambitions in this direction, or just want to take your personal photography to the next level (for your travel or your family, perhaps), this class will significantly expand how you approach all your photography. In this class, I will teach you the foundations of visual storytelling, drawing on my experience as both a photojournalist and as a picture editor. We are still working out how to best deliver this class, but I can promise it will change the way you think about stay tuned!