Camera Competence - $97
Ever look at your camera and wonder what all those buttons and menu options do...and how much more FUN you'd be having if you could figure it all out? We'll explain what you really need to know and what is just window dressing. You'll learn the buttons that can really customize your photography experience so your camera is and ally - and not an enemy - in your picture taking experience. By the end of class you'll understand exposure, ISO, shutter speed, aperture (f-stops), color balance, auto-focusing options, when to zoom in/out and when to move closer or further away, customizing the buttons on your camera for better performance, exposure compensation, exposure modes, metering modes...WOW...that's a lot! And, it's all easier to grasp then you may think, plus we'll walk you thru the whole process. You'll also receive a convenient one-page reference sheet to carry home, to reinforce what you'll be learning in class. 

Better Pictures Anywhere Anytime I - $149
This is a class on seeing photographically and creating interesting pictures by expanding how you see the world and by making more creative decisions on how to craft your photographs. This is not a technical class. It is a class about observation and understanding the visual possibilities that exist in any given environment to make beautiful, interesting pictures. You will be introduced to 16 different techniques for crafting great photographs. That means, when you decide to make a photograph, you'll no longer be asking yourself, "What can I do to make this interesting?" Instead, you'll be asking, " How many different ways can I make this interesting?"
Purchase BPAA I + II for $227 and save over $70

Better Pictures Anywhere Anytime II - $149
Picks up where BPAA I left off. In that class we introduced you to some of the basic -- and not-so-basic -- approaches to composing compelling pictures. In this class, we'll drill down to the foundation of photographic composition and give you the tools to compose great pictures, even when none of the "rules" of photographic composition apply. By the end of this class, you'll feel as though you've just acquired a photographic super power! But, need to learn the rules first...before you start breaking and going beyond them. ;–)
Purchase BPAA I + II for $227 and save over $70.

The Myth of Good & Bad Light - $149
There are only three things about light that you need to know - and I can assure you good &/or bad are not among them. We'll work primarily with natural light, but I will have a strobe along to demonstrate how to deal with whatever light you are faced with. The idea that you can only make nice pictures in the first or last hour or two of the day is ridiculous and photographers who believe that are missing 8-12 hours of fertile picture-making time. Plus, being a photographer is about being one part artist, one part open+aware human being, and one part problem solver. You bring the second one and we'll help you with the first & last!

Natural People Photography - The Players & The Stage - $249
I've been a people photographer all my professional career - nearly three decades as a photojournalist and the most recent 10 as a portrait photographer, as well. There are endless ways to make successful pictures of people and we will explore as many of them as time permits. In particular, we will talk about tight portraits, environmental portraits and candid people photography. We will work primarily with available light, but we will have a strobe and some light modifiers on hand, if we need them. Mostly, though, we will talk about making genuine, authentic pictures of people - candid and controlled - that have soul and spirit. 

Photographic Storytelling - TBD
Whether you have professional ambitions in this direction, or just want to take your personal photography to the next level (for your travel or your family, perhaps), this class will significantly expand how you approach all your photography. In this class, I will teach you the foundations of visual storytelling, drawing on my experience as both a photojournalist and as a picture editor. We are still working out how to best deliver this class, but I can promise it will change the way you think about stay tuned!