Debora and Mario and I met in 2011 at a friend's birthday party, while I was in Italy scouting for a photography workshop. Two years later I was back to photograph their wedding at a magnificent 15th century castle in Bracciano. Not surprisingly, it was, yes, amazing. A fairytale event if ever there were one. Debora and Mario are now expecting their first child and I am looking forward to heading back to visit them, and the new addition, in 2017. Oh, and for those of you who enjoy celebrity, this is where Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise were married.




Karen & Mark knew each other for years before their romance begain. They had a modest wedding and terrific reception, with an emphasis on friends, music and fun...and boy was it! Mark plays the tuba in a dixieland band and sat in for a few numbers. Karen put the whole event together and there are few weddings I've been to that had such a relaxed feel and move along so smoothly and easily. 



I have strong feelings about what is the right way to photograph a wedding.

This is the best day of your life. You are surrounded by people you love and who love you. So why would you want to spend any more time that absolutely necessary posing for pictures?

“Directed” wedding photography is all the rage now and, to be candid, I hate it.

As beautiful as directed pictures can be, they’re not YOUR wedding. They are the photographer’s version of your wedding.

The candid shots you get of your ceremony and reception, wind up as filler shots in your wedding book, in between the pictures of situations they orchestrated.

I’m a photojournalist and, for a milestone event like a wedding, it’s just not right to step away from what is genuine and authentic.

I understand when photographers tell me it’s the most difficult way for a photographer to photograph a wedding. Capturing one real moment is tough enough, let alone working to capture dozens of them!

To me, though, nothing is more powerful or beautiful than real life and something important and precious is lost when a photographer inserts themselves to make something that’s already wonderful, just a bit more perfect.

Perfect is boring.

I don’t know about you, but most of my favorite memories are the result from what most would consider “imperfect” moments of life.

You are the center of the storm and it will all blur together. In fact, many things happen that you'll never see, unless they are photographed.

I’m a professional storyteller and, if you want a collection of photographs that tell and preserve the genuine and rich story of your wedding day, it would be my honor and privilege to by your wedding photographer.