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Better Pictures -- Anywhere, Anytime II

  • Denver, CO

$199 (2.5 hrs.)

Learn to see photographically and create more interesting pictures. Expand how you see the world. Make more creative decisions on how to craft your photographs.

This is not a technical class. It is a class about observation and recognizing the possibilities for beautiful pictures that exist in any given environment. You will be introduced to a variety of techniques for visually deciphering those opportunities, then crafting the great photographs you find. The days of looking at a scene and wondering “what do I do?” will be over!

BPAA II goes beyond the “rules,” teaching you how to see and craft strong pictures in any situation. By the end of this class, you’ll feel as though you’ve acquired a photographic superpower!

BPAA I introduces you to “photographic seeing” by taking you thru exercises applying the foundational principles of visual composition.

NOTE: BPAA II assumes you have either taken BPAA I or have a firm grasp of the foundations of composition and photographic seeing, as taught in BPAA I. Without that understanding, absorbing what’s taught in BPAA II may be confusing and frustrating.


Better Pictures -- Anywhere, Anytime I


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