limited offering — 10 sessions per year — FC/FS basis

1 session remaining for 2019
7 sessions available for 2020


Why Family Photojournalism?

It’s exciting to witness and photograph history, and tell stories of people and causes that matter in the world.

Yet, as proud as I am of the work I do as a photojournalist, the walls of my home are populated almost exclusively with photographs I’ve made of my family.

Those are the pictures that matter to me and the ones I want to look at every day.


The reason I choose to photograph families as a photojournalist, and not as a portrait photographer, is because there are real memories connected to real photographs.

There is no “wrong” way to photograph families.

But, when we reflect on our lives, and the times we’ve share with people we care about, what we’re searching for is memories … the meaningful moments and rituals that make up the tapestry of our past.

Portraits can capture the faces of the people in those memories, but photojournalism captures the actual moments and rituals themselves.


Science tells us how imperfect our memories are. In fact, we now know that our recollections of even the most powerful experiences in our lives are often inaccurate … warped with time, and sometimes, lost altogether.

That’s why, over the past 20 years, I’ve created a collection of photographs of my own family that will protect and preserve the memories I treasure, and the memories my kids will also one day treasure.

Those are the photographs I have on my walls. Photographs with meaning. Photographs that will last … the ones I will never tire of.


So, when I decided to do a few family photo sessions each year, naturally, I chose to offer sessions that will yield the kinds of photographs I’d want if the roles were reversed.

If you’re going to invest in family photographs, and like the idea of capturing not only what your family looks like, but what your family actually IS like, I would love to be your photographer.

Give me a call or drop me a note or email to find out more about family photojournalism.

It’s an amazing feeling having photographs that celebrate the relationships and experiences that make your family the unique and special family that yours is. I would love to be the person to give your family that gift.