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Humanitarian Photography


We struggle using photographs, even great ones, in ways that have impact and get engagement. Can you help with that?



Being a picture editor, I’ve learned great results are the outcome of thorough planning and a smart process.

We’ll talk about the audience you want to reach, and the actions you want them to take. That will help us define what content they will respond to and what channels to use (online + off) in delivering the content I produce for you.

I can also bring in experts on social media & traffic generation.



Do you ever consider donating your photography and time in exchange for photo credit and social media exposure?


It’s hard for me to say no to that because this work matters deeply to me … but the reality is I do not.

There are two reasons I no longer donate my work.

The first is that, without income, I can’t be of value to anyone, since this is a big part of how I make my living.

The second – and more important – reason is that my clients ,and the communities they serve, always get more use & value from the work I produce for them when they are financially invested.

I’ve repeatedly found, when there is no investment, the work I’ve donated is used insufficiently, ineffectively and, sometimes, not at all … and that’s bad for everyone involved.



How can we control costs so we can afford to work together?


I am very low maintenance, so there’s that. ;–)

If I can stay in facilities you’re able to provide, eat meals with you and your team, and travel with you (or in a vehicle you provide), that will dramatically cut expenses I would normally need to have reimbursed.

My only concerns are for health and safety, since (obviously) I can’t be productive for you if I am sick, or if my gear is stolen.



How many photos will we receive?


Every assignment is different, but you will receive a collection of photographs that gives you plenty of options for powerfully telling the story(s) we identified in our planning sessions.

Given I typically shoot thousands of photographs on assignment, and often make 25-50 photos of a single situation to get the specific image I’m after, the work you’ll receive will have been edited to exclude images that are repetitive or simply not worth looking at.



How quickly are photos delivered once you’ve completed your work?


What you need and when you need it are two things we talk about in our initial planning discussion. Commonly, there will be different urgency for different content.

We’ll agree on specific timeframes and expectations so you have what you need, when you need it.

If there is no particular urgency, you can expect to have an edited selection ready to review within 10 days of my return.

Once you’ve made your selections, final, professionally-prepared images will be available within 14-21 days, depending on the quantity.


Photography Education


There are soooooo many photography videos on YouTube. What’s the difference between learning photography from you vs. YouTube?


My FAVORITE question!!

You’re right, there is a TON of information out there about cameras, lenses, lighting, composition, and so on, and so on.

If learning photography that way worked then learning about guitars and strings, chords and notes, strumming and picking patterns should make you a musician … and, learning how to spell, construct sentences, and use word processing software should make you a writer.

We both know that’s not how it works … not in music, or writing or photography.



What makes your content different from the dozens of other photography courses?


That’s simple … it’s the kind of feedback you get. Feedback … the right kind of feedback is essential to your growth as a photographer.

Most photography courses teaching skills - lighting, composition, time-lapse, etc. Those are skills. They teach you how to get a particular look in your photos, BUT … how do you know when or why to use one skill over another … or when not to use a particular skill?

Knowing that critical piece is what distinguishes a person who takes pictures from a photographer.

Imagine having a process that leads you inevitably to consistently make better and more personal photographs. That is how professionals work, and it is where the joy in photography is found. And, helping you discover your individual process is the #1 thing that makes this different from any other photography course.



When will your photo education courses be available?


January 2020, and I can’t wait to introduce you to a new and (I think) more effective, more personal way to learn photography and grow as a photographer!



Do you have any content I can look over before January?


I’ll be introducing foundation-building content beginning in November 2019.

CLICK HERE and you’ll be notified as soon as that content is released!


Personal Branding Photography


What is personal brand photography?


Personal brand photography sessions are strategically planned professional photo shoots that provide you with 3-6 months of fantastic, brand-centric photos from a single, coordinated photo session!

The goal is to capture your personality, style and individuality in a super-time-efficient way that elevates your marketing, blog and social media.

Sessions are loose, fun, spontaneous and collaborative. They are not about polish or perfection. They are about emphasizing the unique qualities of YOU that will attract and retain the audience you want to attract.



What will I receive from my PBP session?


You’re going to love this:

  • You get EVERY photo from your session.

  • Sessions provide enough photos to fulfill your marketing, blog and social media needs for the next 3-6 months.

  • Photos come with unrestricted usage rights, allowing you to use the photos in your business, and edit them however you like to promote your brand.

  • No watermarks on any of the photos.

  • No photographer or studio credit required.



How long is a PBP session?


They can last from 90 minutes to a full day. It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve and the level of planning and preparation we can achieve in advance of your session.

That said, typical sessions last 3-5 hours, largely because of hair and make-up time, as well as outfit changes and moving between locations.


How much is a session?


Rates vary with session length and number of photos you want from your session.

Sessions start at $2,000, with typical 3-5 hours sessions running roughly $5,000.

If you’ve been done sessions like these before, you understand the value they deliver. If this feels like too much of an investment, consider how incredible it’s going to be having all the photos you’re going to need for the next 3-6 months completed in a single day!

Remember, you will not only have all 3-6 months worth of photos, but you will also have unrestricted usage rights AND all the photos from your session, not simply a small selection.



What options do I have for working with you?


Lots! Once we’ve had our first session, the most common arrangement is a 1-2 year agreement in which we work together 2-4 times a year.

This saves you money (vs. single session pricing) and helps you be nimble and responsive to the changes in your market and changes in your business. That way your brand always feels fresh and current!


Family Photojournalism


How long does a family photojournalism session last?


Short sessions last 3 hours, but typically these are full day sessions that encompass from the time you all wake up until the time you go to bed.


What do we receive from the session? Prints, digital files, etc?


Every family photojournalism session is designed with the production of a storytelling photo book in mind - one that highlights who you are as a family.

You also receive digital files of the images in the book.

Prints are not a part of the price, but prints of images included in the book are very reasonably priced (often less than $20 for sizes 12x18 and smaller).


What do we need to do during, and to prepare for, our photo session?


Because I am documenting you in your “natural habitat,” there is little you need to do differently from a normal day (whatever normal is for you). We will have several detailed discussions about your session well in advance of your session day.

In those conversations, we’ll discuss the outcomes you’d like, whether or not you’d like any traditional family portraits, specific things that you want to be sure to capture, if at all possible.

From those discussions, I’ll determine if there is enough going on in your chosen day, or if we should plan an activity in order to ensure there are enough photos from your session to fill up the book you’ll receive with the best photos from your session.


What if nothing interesting happens during our session? Is there any guarantee?


Many families have this concern because these are, essentially, unscripted sessions, and do rely on something happening.

For that reason, one important thing I do in our initial consultation is make a determination whether there feels as if enough will happen while I’m with you – photographing a typical day in your life – or if we need to plan an activity (or two) to yield the photos I’ll need to design your book.

That said, so many of the great pictures come from the most ordinary events and interactions. It is incredibly rare that so little happens that I cannot assemble a book you’ll be thrilled with.

If, we do run in to that rare situation in which very few book-worthy photographs are created, I will schedule a second session for a small additional investment (normally $199).

To avoid having this happen more than once, we will discuss activities or outings that are likely to yield natural interactions, so I can capture the spirit of your family in a genuine and authentic way.


How much is a family photojournalism session?


3-hour sessions are $1,995. Full day sessions are $3,995.

Both sessions include cost of the book and the production time involved in editing and designing the book. There are options for the books that can increase that investment, but generally nothing too crazy.

Prints from the session are an additional investment; however, it is often the case that requested prints are also part of your book.

In those cases, prints are only $25 for sizes below 12 x 18, and $15 for sizes 8 x 10 and smaller. Plus, there are further discounts for multiple same-size prints (ordered at the same time).





Mark Osler is a Pulitzer prize winning photojournalist, picture editor and photo educator based in Denver, Colorado.

He is also an inspiring educator and mentor to photographers willing to “do the work” required to consistently create more engaging & personal photography and visually-driven stories.

Over his 30-year career, Mark has worked on some of the premier photo staffs in the U.S, covered history unfolding, champions being crowned, and the lives of every day people,


His work has won awards more than 30 times in national and international photojournalism contests, including Pictures of the Year International, National Press Photographers Association’s Best of Photojournalism, Society of Newspaper Design, Associated Press, and World Press International,


Mark’s work as a teacher runs the gamut. He has taught at colleges, art institutes, group workshops, individual mentoring and professional bootcamps.

In 2020, Mark is launching the Plus 1 Photo Academy to share everything he’s learned (and continues to learn) about being a photographer, making photographs and telling moving stories.


In addition to sharing his expertise, Mark continues his work as a photojournalist, and visual storyteller.

Accepting regular photo assignments across the country and around the world, he now places an emphasis and priority on serving and promoting to work of purpose-driven organizations working to improve lives and living conditions — locally, nationally and/or globally.

photo by Javier Manzano

photo by Javier Manzano