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Harnessing the Power of Still Photography

Still photographs are uniquely powerful in creating lasting impact.

Still photographs are consumed the moment they are presented — a huge advantage over other forms of communication.

And, because viewers of still photography must interpret what they are shown — bringing a bit of themselves to the viewing experience — the feelings evoked by a photograph are specific and personal to the viewer, resulting in greater impact and longer retention.

Photographs also offer tremendous flexibility in how they are used and shared — online, thru email or text, in print, or embedded in video presentations.


Life for Real.

Life startles, fascinates, and connects us.
The privilege of photographing life remains endlessly fulfilling


There is a difference between taking pictures and being a photographer — just as there is a difference between writing and being a writer.

I decided to cross that divide – from picture taker to photographer – October 1989. Two months later, I’d left a great job, sold my home in Boston, and moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky to begin my journey.

As a photographer, I work hard to create engaging, memorable photographs that will move people, so they will care about what they are being shown.

As an educator, I want to teach you what it means to BE a photographer … beyond how to use your camera and beyond knowing what makes one picture better than another.

Being a photographer means having your own creative process … one that inevitably leads you to create better pictures and tell better stories, over and over again.

Whatever it is that brought you here today, welcome!


Use whatever you know about photography to be of service to the people you photograph.

— James Nachtwey


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Drawing Us In

A “complete” photograph can be enjoyed indefinitely because it transcends the mechanics of photography and brings you into the moment itself. (… that’s me, by the way … photo by my daughter!)

What Else?

It’s completely valid to make the “obvious” picture when you’re out photographing. If you enjoy photography, though, don’t let your efforts end there. Stop. Take a breath. Then ask yourself, “What else?”

Half the Battle

For those of you who are unfamiliar with newspaper photography, you’d be shocked at how many great pictures in each day’s paper start with a photographer being sent out to make the best of a bad situation.


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